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Nissan EV Home Charger Program

2023 Nissan Ariya charging

Nissan is making some of the best new electric vehicles (EVs) available to Dover drivers, with a focus on affordability and ease of use. They help make EV charging at home more simple than you’d think with their new WallBox EV charger partnership. You can schedule an installation with Nissan and use advanced technology to save money on charging. Parkway Nissan covers Nissan’s electric car charger installation process and more below!

Electric Car Charger Installation

One of the things New Philadelphia drivers ask us about the most concerns EV charging at home. After all, most understand that you can’t simply plug your Nissan LEAF into a three-pronged outlet. You need to have an electric car charger, and with that comes the question of electric car charger installation.

Luckily, you can get one of the most cutting-edge Nissan EV home chargers on the market through Nissan’s new partnership with WallBox EV chargers. Nissan EV owners can schedule an installation through and get a rebate through Nissan’s new program.

 MyWallBox App

This new partnership with WallBox isn’t just useful for the rebated installation, but also the numerous cutting-edge features on the MyWallBox app! This comes with a suite of features that take the stress out of managing Ev charging at home, such as:

  • Monitoring the status of your charge
  • Real-time statistics
  • Ability to program your Wallbox EV charger to charge at cheaper rates
  • Manage power
  • And more!

How Often to Charge Your EV at Home

Here are some things you can do to make sure you’re using your WallBox EV charger correctly:

  • Scheduling Times: Most Wooster EV owners know that charging overnight takes advantage of cheaper overnight energy costs. You can also schedule charging times to take advantage of when energy is at its lowest.
  • Charging Till Full: You don’t need to unplug once it’s stopped charging; your charge will stop once the battery is full.
  • Drive on a Full Battery: Ensure your battery is full by charging overnight and in public spaces. Driving on a low battery is bad for the vehicle.

Drive into the Future with Parkway Nissan!

At Parkway Nissan we couldn’t be more excited to help Dover drivers get a head start on the electric vehicle revolution happening right now! And we’ve got a service center ready to help keep it in shape and supply you with what you need. Please contact us today with any questions or to set up an appointment to drive an EV!


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