Is the Nissan Rogue AWD?

2023 Nissan Rogue in the Mountains

If you’re shopping for a Nissan SUV, you might be searching for a model that comes equipped with all-wheel drive. The new Nissan Rogue is one such SUV. It’s available with all-wheel drive on every configuration. Intelligent AWD automatically detects traction loss and adjusts power as needed while you’re on the road. Keep ready to learn more about the Nissan Rogue AWD and what you can expect. 



How Does Nissan Intelligent AWD Work?

The Nissan Rogue Intelligent AWD is an intuitive drivetrain that allocates power as needed to give drives the best possible traction. The system provides enhanced grip until the Nissan Rogue gets up to speed. On smooth roads, the Nissan Rogue saves its power by sending torque to the front wheels, and essentially operates as a FWD vehicle. If you encounter harsh conditions, the Intelligent AWD system sends power to any wheels that need it to give you greater control. 

Nissan Rogue AWD Configurations

Which of the Nissan Rogue SUVs are available with AWD? All of the models in the Nissan Rogue lineup are offered with all-wheel drive, which include: 

  • Rogue S AWD
  • Rogue SV AWD
  • Rogue SL AWD
  • Rogue Platinum AWD

Nissan Rogue AWD Lock Button

One of the questions we’re often asked about the Nissan AWD system is, “What is the Nissan Rogue AWD lock button?” It’s a low-speed regulator button that can lock all four wheels to give you enhanced traction in snowy conditions or if you go off-roading. It accomplishes this by dividing power between the front and rear wheels for even better traction, even in precarious conditions. 

AWD Error on Nissan Rogue

If you get an AWD error on your Nissan Rogue, it can point to a number of issues. In any case, you’ll need to visit a Nissan-certified service center. The following issues could be the cause for the notification, depending on whether the indicator is blinking: 

    • Illuminated Without Blinking: The AWD system is likely malfunctioning. 
    • Blinking Rapidly: The temperature of the oil is increasing at a rapid rate. Pull the car over and put it in “park.” Let the engine idle and give it time to cool down. You can resume driving if the blinking stops. If it doesn’t, you’ll need to take your car to a service center. 
  • Blinking Slowly: There’s a difference between the diameters of the front and rear wheels. Same as above — pull the car over and let it idle. If the blinking doesn’t stop, a service visit is in order. 

Test Drive a New Nissan Rogue with Intelligent AWD at Parkway Nissan

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