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Nissan Recall Information

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Recalls on Nissan vehicles happen when either Nissan or the NHTSA discovers a fault in a vehicle that could be a safety risk. Dealerships fix the fault at no cost to you and can get you and your newly repaired vehicle back onto the road quickly. You can see if your vehicle is affected by a recall at theParkway Nissan recall website, or on the recall search page of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.



What is the NHTSA?

NHTSA is an acronym for National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This federal agency regulates vehicle safety standards across the country, helping to ensure vehicles are as safe as possible. The agency provides tips on safety and arranges crash tests and investigations. All of this helps your New Philadelphia stay safe.

Does My Nissan Have a Recall, and How Do I Check for Recalls?

TheNissan recall website, or the recall search page of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, are the best places to find information on Nissan Rogue recalls, or Nissan recalls in general. If you want to see if a specific recall has been taken care of on a specific vehicle, that information is likely in the CARFAX® Vehicle History Report™ on the vehicle in question.

Do Nissan Recalls Expire?

There are many questions about recalls that we are commonly asked, among them if said recalls expire. While the directives themselves are made by a company or government agency, the need for the recalls themselves comes from issues that need to be addressed by a mechanic to be resolved. Thus, the need to have the recall work done does not expire.

Does Nissan Charge for Recalls?

Here at Parkway Nissan, we can handle your recall work free of charge, and do so conveniently near Coshocton and Wooster. In general, you can get in touch with us with any questions you may have, but our online service scheduler is perfect for setting up any kind of service appointment, recall or otherwise. That said, when it comes to normal servicing our express service is great for the drivers who want to keep their busy lives as manageable as possible.


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